Oil and Gas Exploration
Ecolog`s oil and gas exploration group is a leader in its field in Israel. Ecolog`s exploration and geophysics team has a track record of designing, managing and executing exploration activities and geophysical-geological investigations. Recent examples include: interpretation of a 3D seismic survey over the "Sara" and "Myra" deep marine licenses offshore Israel; design and management of exploration activities for the "Shiqma Yam" shallow marine license offshore Israel, Ginko`s exploration activities in the Dead Sea area, and exploration of the CoalBed Gas Hachula in the Hula Valley; submission of applications for oil and gas exploration offshore and onshore Israel (with a high success rate); expert opinions about hydrocarbon investment opportunities in Israel and abroad; litigation support and expert testimony; subsurface mapping of active faults in the Dead Sea area; sub-surface studies in Nevada (US) for stored energy applications; and interpretation of geophysical and geotechnical surveys for the construction of the new marine container terminals to be located in Haifa and Ashdod, Israel. The group owns two Kingdom © workstations that includes advanced models such as EarthPak and AVOPack. Additional activities of the oil and gas exploration group include:
  • Support for acquisition of exploration licenses
  • Seismic survey design for exploration purposes.
  • Design seismic surveys
  • Quality Control (QC) of acquisition and processing (wells, seismic, magnetic etc.)Characterization of hydrocarbon (HC) systems
  • Seismic interpretation of 2D and 3D surveys in conjunction with geological (wells), magnetic and gravimetric data.
  • Stratigraphic correlation, paleogeographic reconstruction, seismic stratigraphy and basin analysis.
  • Reservoir compartmentalization characterization, fracture and flow modeling.
  • Complete hydrocarbon system characterization  
  • AVO analysis
  • Well engineering
  • Managment of exploration activities; including preparation of complete drilling prospects.

  Ecolog Oil and Gas Brochure

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