About Ecolog
Ecolog Engineering LTD (Ecolog) is a private consulting and design firm specializing in earth science applications to environmental and engineering projects. Ecolog provides support to governmental, municipal, and private    clients for diverse engineering and environmental projects. Ecolog has unique capabilities in providing multi-disciplinary solutions to civil engineering and environmental issues.

Ecolog provides earth sciences support via detailed hydrological, hydrochemical, structural, tectonic, geological, geophysical, engineering, environmental, and sedimentary analyses. Ecolog`s professional team includes experienced hydrologists, civil engineers, geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, environmental scientists, and economists.

Ecolog projects and support activities includes design of water reservoirs,  stability analyses of reservoirs and dykes, geotechnical investigations for pipelines, reservoirs, solar power projects, geophysical investigations, oil and    gas exploration and more, along with in depth site characterization activities   that include, geologic and tectonic models, groundwater and surface water analyses, and geological , hydrological and hydrochemical characterization.

Ecolog list of clients includes the Israel Ministry of Environment, Mekorot National Water Supply Company, Israel National Road Authority, Israel Aircraft Industry, Israel Water Authority, Dead Sea Works, Israeli Gas Companies, Oil and Gas and mining firms and local Municipalities.

Ecolog works in Israel and all over the globe in partnership with leading international engineering and consulting firms.
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